Liquor stock taking Inventory control

​EZ Stock is the brainchild of an individual with over 30 years experience in the Hospitality Industry. It is a Cape Town based company and is owner operated.

It's main focus is the supply of a practical, accurate, affordable, ​user friendly & maintenance free liquor stock taking solutions to the Hospitality Industry.

As a club and restaurant owner,​​ I was continuously faced with the threat of theft, shrinkage and wastage of liquor stock. With little or no real accurate tools, rulers or tot counting gauges available, controlling my liquid assets was a nightmare. The systems or solutions available were either very expensive, time consuming and complicated or very inaccurate, obsolete and outdated. ​After years of experimental trials in designing and manufacturing, my TOT RULER, was finally launched in 2007. ​​​​​It was designed and manufactured for the sole purpose of keeping track of liquid assets in your business, whether it be a bar, club, restaurant, guesthouse, club house, hotel, casino or any venue where liquor stock control is important. Then...from client feedback, the demand arose for a universal measuring gauge which lead to the launch of my TOT TUBE in 2013.
Further to my TOT TUBE, in 2022 I launched my TOT TUBE MINI to cater for smaller establishments...

My stock solutions have been implemented into thousands of individual venues as well as Groups such as Spur, Let's go Bowling, Panarotti's, Stones, Ocean Basket, Wimpy, Cape Town Fish Market, Dros, Protea Hotels, Sun International & City Lodge, just to name a few.​

Please visit my [NEW PRODUCT] page to get information on my TOT SLIDER...Coming Soon