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ToT Tube
ToT Tube Mini.jpg


This product is a variety of individual rulers profiled to the shape of various liquor bottles with 25ml increments to determine accurate tot levels. It is arranged in

alphabetical order between to outer sleeves containing the business' logo and contact details.​
It is manufactured from durable ABS plastic with screen printed markings and from feedback, has a life expectancy of between

1 to 3 years as long as it is not bent, scratched with a sharp object, exposed to extreme heat or separated from the outer sleeves.

The product is made up to suite the individual requirements of each outlet, so you only order the rulers required according to your stock listing. The ruler is placed

against the bottle to instantly determine the amount of shots remaining in a bottle.

From experience and feedback, the ToT Rulers have a life expectancy of up to 3 years.










This product is a universal measuring gauge consisting of two tubes - one for liqueurs & one for spirits.

As per the profiled rulers, the TOT TUBE also covers 99% of all mainstream brands - 115+

The bottle gets placed inside the tube, the tube gets aligned to the corresponding brand required indicated by the logo on top and name at bottom of the corresponding rule.

One can immediately, by the level of alcohol against the rule, see how many shots are left in the bottle.

From experience and feedback, the ToT Tube has a life expectancy of up to 2 years.

Both products are  designed for the purpose of accurately and easily measuring the volume of alcohol left in liquor bottles. It allows the user to maintain control of their

daily stock usage and in doing so is immediately able to determine from day to day if losses,wastage or theft has occurred. It is accurate (up to 99%), user friendly, does

not require training and has no maintenance costs.

My products are  one of a kind and their purpose is to revolutionize practical liquor stock taking​.












This product comprises one tube and only covers 36 mainstream brands...

It works exactly the same as the above mentioned TOT TUBE but consists of 1 tube only combining liqueurs & spirits.